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Why I like 1st looks

Why I like 1st looks:

1.) Surprised, fun emotions from B&G on seeing each other.
2.) You always have 3 big beasts to slay come your wedding day- family shots, bridal party shots & couple shots & yes, family shots are the toughest since you have so many people involved (60+ people). If you do a traditional wedding, you have those big 3 things to do after you walk down your aisle (get your snickers bar ready because you won’t be yourself after this). Ceremony, family shots, bridal party shots and then couple shots. Its a lot and can be exhausting for the B&G. Do you really want to be exhausted on your wedding day?
3.) But if you do a 1st look, you can do bridal party photos immediately after, or depending on the light, couple shots right after. That only leaves 2 things to do after the ceremony. Easy easy easy. All my clients who did a 1st look said they enjoyed their wedding day so much more because everything after the ceremony was a breeze. And isn’t that what its all about on your wedding day?

The Crossings, Carlsbad Golf Course

Sunsets are a finicky animal. Often times, I meet with a client at a Starbucks & they tell me “We want a photo like we saw on your website of the sunset- its beautiful!” & when their wedding comes, we schedule the couple shots to end with a sunset shot. But sometimes mother nature doesn’t want to participate & the sunset is flat. There’s nothing you can do about it if the sunset doesn’t pop. Its a bummer because I know they clients want a memorable sunset & I want to deliver it to them. But sometimes mother nature kicks down the door like the KoolAid Man & says “today is the day!” & absolutely floors everyone with an incredible sunset. That was the case in Egan & Rachael’s day. & it seemed so fitting because as we were doing the family shots, Rachael’s grandmother started choking & Egan saved her with a quick CPR technique (he’s a fire fighter). So maybe someone was blessing us from above with this sunset. It sure felt like it. It was one of the best sunsets I have ever seen. What an incredible day.

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