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The Crossings, Carlsbad Golf Course

Sunsets are a finicky animal. Often times, I meet with a client at a Starbucks & they tell me “We want a photo like we saw on your website of the sunset- its beautiful!” & when their wedding comes, we schedule the couple shots to end with a sunset shot. But sometimes mother nature doesn’t want to participate & the sunset is flat. There’s nothing you can do about it if the sunset doesn’t pop. Its a bummer because I know they clients want a memorable sunset & I want to deliver it to them. But sometimes mother nature kicks down the door like the KoolAid Man & says “today is the day!” & absolutely floors everyone with an incredible sunset. That was the case in Egan & Rachael’s day. & it seemed so fitting because as we were doing the family shots, Rachael’s grandmother started choking & Egan saved her with a quick CPR technique (he’s a fire fighter). So maybe someone was blessing us from above with this sunset. It sure felt like it. It was one of the best sunsets I have ever seen. What an incredible day.


I was shooting a wedding last week & eating my dinner when an older lady came up to me. I had seen her at the ceremony by herself & she was always smiling. “Tough day?” she asked. “All weddings are tough,” I answered “but since I’ve done them for so long, I know what to expect & now they are fun.” “What’s the hardest part of shooting weddings?”, she asked. I think she expected me to answer with how my feet might hurt, or maybe my back hurts, or even if I get hungry after working several hours. She had a look on her face like she already knew what I was going to say. I smiled back at her- “the hardest part of being a wedding photographer is meeting some really amazingly nice people and once the wedding is over, our time is done.”

It took a few moments for her to get I said. She then smiled big & sat back & watched everything going on around her with a content expression. I’ve had several AMAZING clients throughout my wedding photography career- people who you feel genuinely happy for & are a blast to be around. I am thrilled I get to make some beautiful art with them on their once-in-a-lifetime day. But that’s the business- you meet some incredible people, capture beautiful moments of the couple & their families & at the end, your time is done. The whole thing is bittersweet, but Its everything to be happy about. It’s a great experience to be the one capturing their happiest day in life so far. I’m thrilled I got a chance to be a part of it.

Don’t be “that” guy

1.) Your iphone takes lousy photos despite what Apple told about how great your iphone camera is 2.) There’s more to taking a photo than hitting the shutter button- its called lighting and composition 3.) You photobombing every photo ruins the product for our clients.

There! I said it!

This is the #1 reason why “Unplugged weddings” are so popular right now. Unplugged weddings- guests are told not to take photos during the ceremony, which means, pretend its 2005, put your phones down for 20 mins and actually watch and appreciate the event. Crazy, eh?

Daughter + Dad 1st Look

This was the most emotional 1st look I have done. He was crying even before he heard her footsteps.

Its always great to be a part of this & capture these memories.

Lindsey & the bridesmaids

The Wild Ones

Wayfarer Chapel, Rancho Palos Verdes

….”but everywhere,”



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