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David & Jasmine Disney Engagement Shoot

Family shoot- Huntington Beach Library

E Session- Northwest Open Space

Its a pretty unique place & shot at the right time, looks magical. The first time I shot there, this place had those knee-high weeds that look great in photos. They must have just cut everything a week before I shot there. I still love how this turned out tho.


Andrea- Maternity shoot

Andrea was 8 months pregnant & wanted maternity shots. I’ve seen enough of the hand making a heart on the belly bump photos in my life & wanted to give her something different.


Tea cup Disneyland Engagement shot

Disneyland Hotel – Kilts & Kimonos

Wedgewood San Clemente

Allison & Brian- The Vineyard

The Crossings, Carlsbad Golf Course

Sunsets are a finicky animal. Often times, I meet with a client at a Starbucks & they tell me “We want a photo like we saw on your website of the sunset- its beautiful!” & when their wedding comes, we schedule the couple shots to end with a sunset shot. But sometimes mother nature doesn’t want to participate & the sunset is flat. There’s nothing you can do about it if the sunset doesn’t pop. Its a bummer because I know they clients want a memorable sunset & I want to deliver it to them. But sometimes mother nature kicks down the door like the KoolAid Man & says “today is the day!” & absolutely floors everyone with an incredible sunset. That was the case in Egan & Rachael’s day. & it seemed so fitting because as we were doing the family shots, Rachael’s grandmother started choking & Egan saved her with a quick CPR technique (he’s a fire fighter). So maybe someone was blessing us from above with this sunset. It sure felt like it. It was one of the best sunsets I have ever seen. What an incredible day.


I was shooting a wedding last week & eating my dinner when an older lady came up to me. I had seen her at the ceremony by herself & she was always smiling. “Tough day?” she asked. “All weddings are tough,” I answered “but since I’ve done them for so long, I know what to expect & now they are fun.” “What’s the hardest part of shooting weddings?”, she asked. I think she expected me to answer with how my feet might hurt, or maybe my back hurts, or even if I get hungry after working several hours. She had a look on her face like she already knew what I was going to say. I smiled back at her- “the hardest part of being a wedding photographer is meeting some really amazingly nice people and once the wedding is over, our time is done.”

It took a few moments for her to get I said. She then smiled big & sat back & watched everything going on around her with a content expression. I’ve had several AMAZING clients throughout my wedding photography career- people who you feel genuinely happy for & are a blast to be around. I am thrilled I get to make some beautiful art with them on their once-in-a-lifetime day. But that’s the business- you meet some incredible people, capture beautiful moments of the couple & their families & at the end, your time is done. The whole thing is bittersweet, but Its everything to be happy about. It’s a great experience to be the one capturing their happiest day in life so far. I’m thrilled I got a chance to be a part of it.

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